International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study on Nagpur Metro
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms.Ashwini K. Jaiswal || Mr.Krunal P. Raut || Mrs.Nimita R.Gautam
Page No. :: 01-03

Nagpur is the second capital of the state Maharashtra and also the third largest city in the state and 13th largest urban conglomeration in India having the area of 217 while the Nagpur metro region has the population of 35 lakhs and the area of around 3576 Mihan is the biggest project which has been made in Nagpur. This project is all set to give a big boost to economic development and creating economic development at mass level and is ready to provide employment of at least 2 lakhs of jobs. This will lead to tremendous rise in the population of Nagpur..........

Keywords –Economic Development, Population, Transportation System, Metro.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Research Paper on Design of Sewage Treatment Plant for Bhandara City
Country :: India
Authors :: Chhagan A. Barbudhhe || Pratik A. Thaware || Atish A. Bhowate || Ghansham D. Wasekar
Page No. :: 04-08

Bhandara Municipallity has been upgraded with corporation status. The steady incremental in the city population result in the increase of domestic sewage generation. But still now there is no treatment plant. So it is required to construct a sewage treatment plant with sufficient capacity to treat the increased sewage. The project deals with the design of sewage treatment plant and its major components such Screening chamber, Grit chamber, Skimming tank, Sedimentation tank, Secondary clarifier, Active sludge tank and Sludge drying beds. The project covers the 10.54 sq. km, 48 wards of Bhandara Municipal Corporation for next 30 years and its increased population. Bhandara city, the Head Quarters of the Bhandara District is at a distance of 40 km East of Nagpur and 95.2 km North of Chandrapur. With regard to Bhandara, almost the entire town and environment are plain and the general slopes from West to East. The town is situated at the altitude of 21.170 N latitude and 79.820 E longitude. The soil of the area is being gravel, rocky and a large proportion of sand and gravel. All the aspects of Bhandara's climate topography, its population growth rate is to be considered while designing the project. By the execution of the project the entire sewage of the city can be treated effectively and efficiently.

Keywords: Sewage, Skimming tank, Sludge drying bed, Sedimentation tank.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Rolling Barrier System:An Innovative concept for safety and the reduction of the road accident a Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Hrushikesh Landage || Devanshu Ramekar || Durgadas Rude || Yogini Sawale || Lomesh Chandewar
Page No. :: 09-10

The Tremendous increase in road mishaps has become a cause of concern for the government. The government has been always trying to come up with the latest technology available to overcome the situation of road accidents every year lakhs of people become part of accident and many of them lose their lives. So to overcome this situation a small manufacturing company of Korea came with an innovative concept of Roller Barrier. Our study aims is to find the effectiveness of the RB and understand the characteristic (strength of barriers, corrected Direction of the running Vehicle) of Roller Barrier..........

Keywords:Accidents, Government, Highways, Tremendous, Rolling Barrier, Urethane, Rotational Energy, Shock Energy.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Various Applications of UAVs in Civil Engineering: A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Hrushikesh Landage || Devanshu Ramekar || Neha Pajankar || Aachal Harinkhede || Lomesh Chandewar
Page No. :: 11-13

As the construction industry challenges are growing there is need of an innovative technology to overcome challenges in the construction industry. The technology which can reduce the time to accomplish work, improve work quality , improvise safety, and be more user friendly, economical including real-time monitoring, providing wireless coverage. overcome this challenges Unmanned Arial system were introduced , UAVs is a device like aircraft without a human pilot on board Unmanned aerial system has a series of application in construction site. (UAVs) provide bird's eye view for monitoring site personnel and provide live data. This paper focuses on various applications of UAVs in construction as well the Challenges faced UAVs in monitoring the construction activities.

Keywords: Real-Time Monitoring, Inspection,Applications, Unmanned aerial systems, Construction industry

[1]. UAV-g2013, 4 – 6 September 2013, Rostock, Germany S. Mukesh Kosme_,Prakash Kumar Sen2 , Gopal Sahu3 ,1Student,Mechanical Engineering, Kirodimal Institute of Technology, Raigarh (C.G.),2,3Faculty,Mechanical Engineering, Kirodimal Institute of Technology, Raigarh A Review on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (U.A.V.) (C.G.)International Journal of Research in Advent Technologies , Vol.3, No.12, December 2015,E-ISSN: 2321-9637 Available online at www.ijrat.org18
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Demolition Techniques and Use of Demolition Waste: A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Hrushikesh Landage || Neha Pajankar || Prathamesh Tangade || Tipali Kore || Lomesh Chandewar
Page No. :: 14-16

Every structure has its own life period. After attaining its service life the structure becomes dangerous to surrounding buildings as well occupants. So the removal of such structure with proper technology is very important. Time and cost is also an important parameter for demolition. Implosion is a technique in which the explosive material is placed, proper timing is to be set in which the structure needs to be demolished. In this technique due to the effect on the vertical supports of the building, the structure collapses as the support get weaken building no longer bears its own self-weight. The paper basically deals with ideas of demolition technique and reuse of demolition waste for construction. By the utilization of this waste product we can actually reduce some impacts and difficulties which are been faced by the environment at present.

Keywords: Demolition, Implosion, Recycling, Building, Explosive

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Partial Replacement of PPC with Glass powder
Country :: India
Authors :: Shubham G. Keshattiwar || Siddharth S. Tode || Shubham M. Menewar || Girish V. Mahalle || Akshay H. Shirbhate || Akshay Khadse || Aishwarya H. Meshram
Page No. :: 17-24

Disposal problem of waste material is becoming critical day by day. Millions tone of waste glass powder generated every year in world. In this topic, attempt has been made to utilize glass powder, which is waste of glass industry. The research work is determination of the effect the use of Glass powder as a replacement of cement to assess the pozzolanic nature of fine glass powder when mixed in concrete and compare the difference in performance with other pozzolanic materials are mixed in concrete like silica flume and fly ash. The concrete in place of cement to some extent i.e., 10%, 20%, 30% and mechanical properties of M40 (Design Mix) are investigated. Cube specimen of 36 numbers were cast, cured and tested...........

Keywords:Glass Powder, Replacement to PPC, compressive and tensile strength, cost effective material, M40 (Design Mix).

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Improving Strength Properties of Concrete using Fibres: A review
Country :: India
Authors :: Shweta S. Bhoyar || Akanksha P. Tawade || Sapana A. Thengare || Shradha S. Shahare || Lomesh P. Chandewar
Page No. :: 25-26

The present review paper focuses on the addition of fibres in fresh concrete increases the durability, workability, flexural strength & compressive strength properties of concrete, the properties of concrete such as splitting tensile test and compressive strength can increase by the addition of fibres such as steel, nylon polythene, glass fibre etc. The gradients of fibre reinforced concrete are cement, aggregate and fillers with the addition of suitable percentages of fibres which ultimately increase the concrete toughness. Irregular fibres are added to fill the cracks of composite members...........

Keywords: Fibre, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Fibre Reinforced, Steel Fibre, Split Tensile Strength, Workability, Toughness.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comparison of Seismic Analysis and Static Analysis of Residential Building Using Staad.Pro
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. P. D. Hiwase || Miss. Sakshi Waths || Miss. Nandini Dange || Miss. Shraddha Malve || Mr. Tanmay Bhansali
Page No. :: 27-30

Earthquake resistant design of structures has grown into a multi-disciplinary field of engineering wherein many exciting developments are possible in near future. If the structures are not well designed and analysed for adequate strength and ductility, it may lead to its complete collapse. Therefore, the basic requirement is the seismic analysis of structures prior to their construction. The study of the response of a structure subjected to motions due to the seismic waves is the seismic analysis. In this paper, a residential building with ground floor as partial parking located in seismic zone III has been considered for static analysis and seismic analysis by using STAAD.PRO software. Various load combinations as per IS 1893-2016 have been considered to obtain the worst condition.

Keywords: STAAD.PRO, Seismic analysis, Static analysis

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: LIDAR : Advanced Method Of Survey And Mapping
Country :: India
Authors :: Neha N. Pajankar || Yogini Sawale || Prof. Shital A. Navghare || Aachal Harinkhede || Ajinkya Pachare
Page No. :: 31-34

Survey is the basic and major part of civil engineering. It has its own importance in all the sectors of civil works before, in between and also after the Construction works. Surveying of areas which are already situated is a thought task so to overcome this problems the innovative technologies have been introduced and one of them was LIDAR Technology . The time-consuming days of mapping by hand seem numbered, as geographic information system (GIS) , professional land surveyors (PLS) and others within the field of cartography awaken to the advantages of integrating light detecting and ranging (LIDAR) into their mobile mapping systems..............

Keywords- LIDAR technology, professional land surveyor, cartography, aquented

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Impact on Ground Water Quality Due to Solid Waste
Country :: India
Authors :: Miss Shefali Chavhan || Miss Yogita Mahajan || Miss Supriya Ukey || Miss Apeksha Barde
Page No. :: 35-37

Solid waste is being produced since the beginning of civilization. The management of solid waste is on area of universal concern for both the developed & developing world. Municipal solid waste is a term usually applied to heterogeneous urban waste mixture of paper, plastic, cloth, metal, glass, organic matter, etc. generated from household, commercial establishment markets. The nature of which varies from region to region. In India, unmanaged & uncontrolled solid waste openly dumped on the land generates liquid & gaseous emissions that pollute the environment and represent the breeding ground for disease bearing animals& microorganism. The composition of municipal solid waste typically in India has about 40-45% organics& about 40% construction waste...........

Key Words: Solid Waste, Leachate, TDS, COD.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Seismic Analysis of Hostel Buildingunder Various Earthquakes Zones in India
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof P. D. Hiwase || Miss Shreya Umredkar || Mr Anuj Shiwal || Mr Meet Bhagat || Mr Aditya Tripathi
Page No. :: 38-42

In this rapidly expanding and developing world, new structures are being constructed at a high rate and, in this scenario, it is very important to analyse, estimate and evaluate them before being constructed in the field. Our research focuses on the analysis of Hostel building under static loading and also under the effect of lateral forces that is considering seismic forces in various Zones in India. The analysis has been carried out using Staad-Pro software. The building has been modelled as framed structure in Staad pro and all relevant loading have been applied using IS 875 –Part 2 and Seismic loading has been considered with reference to IS 1893-2016. Analysis Sheets have been prepared according to relevant IS codes and similarly all structural elements have been analysed and compared considering all relevant code books with verifying the results with some manual calculations.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation and Benefits of Green building: A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Hrushikesh Landage || Neha Pajankar || Swetha Bhoyar || Pratiksha Tidke || Kunal Gyanchandani
Page No. :: 43-44

The process in which the environmental impacts of the building reduced is called green building. The building intends to be responsible for most energy consumption as well as a large producer of the greenhouse gases. Global emission from the building has found to be 18 percent today. The greenhouse gasses generally emitted from the buildings include carbon dioxide sulfur-nitrogen etc. to deal with the environmental issue the green building concept was introduced. The green buildings designed in such a way that it makes most of the use of a renewable resource. The design of green building begins with the selection of eco-friendly material. Building material can be selected according to functional, financial requirements. The paper focuses on the design and implementation of green buildings to reduce environmental impacts.

Keywords: Environmental impacts, green building, renewable resource, greenhouse gasses

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review Paper on Artificial Sand by Replacement of Natural Sand with Artificial Sand
Country :: India
Authors :: Akanksha P. Tawade || Lomesh P. Chandewar
Page No. :: 45-46

This review paper shows the replacement of river or natural sand with artificial sands so as to give the maximum strength of concrete or any structure when replacing the natural sand with artificial sand. Generally natural sand is available in banks of the river and that type of sand is called natural sand or river sand. As we know that the sand is used in construction in civil engineering like bridges, buildings, houses, dams, etc. natural sand contains the rocks particles and also various types of grades and sizes which depending upon the amount of wearing. At that present time it's not very easy to get the good quality of sand and also transportation problems are faces from a long distance and hence cost of construction is increased. In the process of natural sand it takes too much time to formed but at present time the demand of sand which is used in construction work is very high therefore now a days we need to find some another or alternate natural sand for construction work so if we replace the natural sand with artificial sand for the betterment of construction work.

Keywords- Artificial sand, Natural sand, Concrete, Strength.

1) G Sreenivasa - Use of artificial sand or manufacture sand in concrete and also construction an alternate to river or natural sand.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Recycling Of College Biowaste and Comparision of Vermicompost and Chemical Fertilizers
Country :: India
Authors :: K.Kakashia || V. Nagpure || N. Kale || S. Perkar || R. Urkude || S. Temburne || Dr. K.Gour || V. Badwaik
Page No. :: 47-50

Population of our country is increasing day by day and it is necessary to fulfill basic need of human being. Today's farmer is using chemical fertilizer for farming to enhance the yield of crops. Chemical fertilizer reduces soils fertility and it also contaminated ground water table. Vermicompost is the product of the composting process using earthworm to get biocompost from college biowaste. Vermicompost will enrich the soil and its fertility. Vermicompost also leads to decrease the environmental problems.(1)

Keywords- component, formatting, style, styling, insert

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