International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: "Food Serving Machine"
Country :: India
Authors :: Himanshu R. Mukwane || Shubham T. Patle || Payal S. Rathod || Ankita G. Shende || Kajal K. Kanoje || Prof. Chetan Jambhulkar
Page No. :: 01-03

The aim of study was to investigate the relationship between service quality food quality customer satisfaction and customer retention in limited service. our country is developing throughout technological innovation in various sector and having large number of engineers , we are not thinking of developing technologies for sake of our peoples day to day life .the food retailing and food service sector is not only an important component of the food marketing channel but is also vital to the Indian economy . In this system unique serving of food is possible by making serving of food completely automated..........

Keywords –Transformer, IC 89C51 Microcontroller, L293 Motor Driver

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: On Load Fault Detection of Im Using Microcontroller
Country :: India
Authors :: Ashish Porkute || Siddhesh Patil || Lalit Gawande || Sagar Kurve || Mohammad Sohail
Page No. :: 04-09

In working AC Induction motor problems that arise are common nowadays. The main aim of this project is to detect faults of three phases IM and control the faults. The three phase induction motor may experience many incipient faults due to various reasons. So the protection of these motors from such faults is very important. The various faults are over-voltage/current, under-voltage/current, overload, single phasing, over-temperature etc. The most important parameters are voltage, current, and temperature. Here a new protection method is implemented, which is low cost and reliable. The fault that occurs normally in the motor are high temperature, over load, over voltage/current, under voltage/current etc........

Keywords: Microcontroller PIC16f886, Induction Motor, temperature sensor

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Monitoring the direction of Three Phase Induction Motor Using PLC-Micrologix 1100 series B and SCADA
Country :: India
Authors :: Rumana Anjum || Riya Barsagade || Ankita Potbhare || Tahseen Ali || Danish Bhati || Prof. Mohammad Safique
Page No. :: 10-14

Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes like speed control and directional control, etc have been completely automated. AC motors used in industries for various operations due reliable, low cost and simple operations. The implementation of condition monitoring system for the 3-phase induction motor based on programmable logic controller (PLC) & Supervisory control and data acquisition ( SCADA ) technologyis described. All the required control and motor performance monitoring data will be taken to a personal computer by SCADA Software Wonderware InTouch via PLC RS Linx and RS 500 logix for further analysis.

Keywords:Forward and Reverse Induction Motor, PLC, SCADA etc.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Blind Assistance System Using Refreshable Braille Display
Country :: India
Authors :: Yugal Devhare || Tejaswini Raut || Suraj Lokhande || Anjali Ramteke || Jaishree Sambhare
Page No. :: 15-18

The main aim of this paper is to design an affordable refreshable braille display for the blind or visually impaired people. This device allows the blind or visually impaired people to do reading in Braille language and documents. It is a portable device which can be used for indoor guidance system as well. Braille language is used mainly by the people who are blind and deaf blind. Blind and deaf-blind braille readers often prefer electronic braille displays which are not affordable and costly. In these paper we demonstrate that the braille embosser is a type of device which is very useful for initial stage braille language learner. Here, the input is in the alphabetical form which is converted into Braille language and displayed with the help of servomotors. This device detect the obstacles and also determine at what distance obstacle is, a blind person can safely use this device.

Keyward: Braille, Blindness, Microcontroller, Sensors

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Zigbee Based Speed Control and Parameter Monitoring of Single Phase Induction Motor
Country :: India
Authors :: Aman Bangale || Shubham Chaudhari || Pallavi Gajbhiye || Shubhangini Nikose || Jagruti Gowardhan || Prof. Ankush Dharkar
Page No. :: 19-24

In Global world the automatic system become most powerful and less time consuming things. Motion control of the systems is required in large number of industrial and domestic applications. The DC drives were widely used for the speed variation in various industries for different application. With a lot of development in technology has led to use of AC drives. Induction motor is being widely used in the Industrial processes. This paper is based on speed control and monitoring the various Parameters of the I.M. using Zigbee. In compare with other modules likes using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee is most portable. As wire connectivity is hazardous for human being, the wireless monitoring system preferred to avoid fault occur at the moment of operation. Thus the main Aim of this paper is the monitoring, speed control of motor with wireless technology which shows the values of Parameter on the LCD Display.

Keywords: Zigbee protocol, Ardiuno, LCD, Motor Drive, Microcontroller, Sensors.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Methodology, Simulation and Optimization of Hybrid Solar / Wind Power System
Country :: India
Authors :: Ujwala V. Waghmare || Nisha.T.Sahu || Vaishali Pawde
Page No. :: 25-32

Solar energy is a clean, inexhaustible, abundantly and universally available source of energy. Wind energy is clean, cheap and ecofriendly renewable source. Hybrid solar and wind generation power system increases reliability and reduces the dependence on one single source. Good compensation characteristics are usually found between solar energy and wind energy. A model was designed and optimized for designing hybrid solar-wind system employing battery bank for calculating the system optimum configuration ensuring minimum cost of the system while satisfying the custom required loss of power supply probability (LPSP). A method for computation of the optimum size of a battery bank and the PV array for a standalone hybrid Wind /PV system has been developed. Long term data of Wind Speed and irradiance...........

Keywords: Hybrid generating system, Optimization, Loss of power supply probability

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Iot Based Condition Monitoring Of An Induction Motor
Country :: India
Authors :: Ayushi Gajbiye || Prajakta Zodpe || Zamin Abbas || Hatim Patanwala || Christopher Paul || Prof. Pramod Gadge
Page No. :: 33-40

Generally, predictive maintenance of induction motors is well suited for small to larger scale industries in order to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and reliability. The various parameters of the induction motor are analyzed in order to gather specific information that can predict motor's failure. Well analyzed vibration signal easily shows the difference between the running operation of the healthy and faulty motor. Using IoT, real Time Condition Monitoring System for Industrial Motors. The aim is to design and implementation of IoT technology to monitor and diagnose the condition of Induction motors by recording key operation indicators. The proposed method comprises of an IoT based platform to collect and process the induction motor parameters. The data collected can be stored in the cloud platform and same can be accessed through the web page. And also timely alerts will be received for any violation in desired limits of parameters under monitoring.

Keywords: Internet of Things; Arduino Uno; Induction Motor; Thingspeak; Sensors; Gateway; Node MCU.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study on DC Micro grid For Wind and Solar Electric System Power Integration
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Pooja Waghmare || Ms. Nikita Malwar
Page No. :: 41-47

This paper portrays the incorporation of wind control and sunlight based power by interconnecting it to the Microgrid that stores and changes DC control. These days, sustainable power source is often utilized. Conveyed vitality sources, for example, wind control, sun powered power, etc that can be worked in parallel with a more extensive utility. These days, a large portion of people groups intrigued to utilize sustainable power sources, for example, tidal vitality, sun oriented vitality, wind vitality, geothermal vitality, wave vitality, etc. Age of DC control is finished by a small scale framework. This paper outlines the capacity and use of DC control by utilizing a small scale matrix. These all sustainable power source creates DC control. By producing these DC control we are using by Microgrid.

Keywords: Microgrid, vitality, sun, wind, tidal, geothermal.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Paper On To Study Power Factor Control Methods And Devices
Country :: India
Authors :: Saurabh Sharma || Jayant Chavhan || Karishma Rade
Page No. :: 48-49

In this paper, the need of power factor improvement and the impacts of power factor improvement in electrical systems is discussed. The paper also covers the basic concepts of power factor, Cause and effect of low power factor values, method to improve the power factor values, study of different power factor control devices and the advantages of power factor improvement simple manner. The low power factor problem is one of the important issues in electrical industry. This problem reduces the economy index value of our country. This paper would be helpful for the Diploma students and Electrical Engineers to study the basics of power factor and the advantages of power factor improvement.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Speed control of I.M Using PLC AND SCADA
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. ArchanaShirbhate || Sonali Bobade || Akshay Pounikar || Shruti Dange || ZohaSaniya
Page No. :: 50-54

Automation is referred to as creation of technology in a form such that the work is done by machines controlled by applications and software which can replace the humans. Automation is the need of today's World in all fields of Technology. This paper presents a novel approach to provide automation in the field of Electrical Engineering. The proposed work presents a speed control of induction motor which is conventionally controlled by a driver circuit and is an Open loop System There is a need to remove all the disadvantages of driver circuits and the aim is to make a more accurate closed loop control of motor speed. The proposed work will use a tachometer (revolution-counter, tach, rev-counter, RPM gauge) to measure the speed and feed it back to the PLC, which compares to the desired............

Key Words: PLC, SCADA, Automation, Induction Motor, Speed Control

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: ICIREST-19 Fabrication of Single Phase Transformer Test Panel
Country :: India
Authors :: Miss. Neha P. Shende || Miss .Ashlesha A. Bansod || Mr.Aksahy S. Kamble || Mr. Nilesh W. Korde || Mr.Roshan M. Khandare || Prof. Miss Yogita Rothekar
Page No. :: 55-58

Panel is used to perform tests like open circuit test, short circuit test, and back to back test and under back to back test we find out efficiency and voltage regulation automatically. For this panel single phase transformer is used. Open circuit test is performed to find the iron losses or no load losses of the transformer in open circuit test secondary side or high voltage side of the transformer is open circuited. Short circuit test is performed to find the copper losses of the transformer. In short circuit test secondary side or low voltage side of the transformer is short circuited by thick wire. Back to back test is performed to determine.............

Keyword: Arduino kit programming, display, multifunction meter, , test panel, CT, PT

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Compensation of Sag and Swell Voltage by Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer during Single Line To Ground And Three Phase Fault
Country :: India
Authors :: Diksha Wasnik || Prof. Radharaman Shaha
Page No. :: 59-69

Modern power system is complex power network. The main concern to the customer is to provide reliable and quality of power supply but due to use of sophisticated equipment based on semiconductor devices, quality of power may poor. Poor power quality problem causes sag and swell, harmonics in the system in the system. To overcome this problem DVR is used. The condition of voltage sag caused by various faults. This work represents simulation modelling and analysis of DVR system of sag and swell during single line to ground and three phase fault. The controlling of DVR and generation of gate pulses for VSI can be done by SRF controller. In addition performance of DVR is examined under various faults with sag and swell voltage condition using MATLAB/ SIMULINK

Keywords: DVR, voltage sag,voltage swell, In Phase compensation, Battery Energy storage, SRF controller

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation of 3-Ph Underground Cable Fault Locator Using Shock Discharge Method
Country :: India
Authors :: Sandeep A. Kale || Minakshi Kale
Page No. :: 70-73

Finding and designing the method for determining type and exact location of faults in power system has been a major subject for system protection. This paper evaluated 3-ph underground distribution cable fault and researched innovative techniques for diagnosing failing underground power distribution cables. In this paper, a technique for detecting faults in underground distribution system is presented. A HV surge tester is used to generate spark at fault position which produces noise and vibrations in fault site set and exact fault point is located by detecting the fault.The surge wave device is basically high voltage pulse generator consisting of a dc power supply, high voltage capacitor.............

Index Terms: Underground cable, HV surge tester (Thumper), Surge wave Receiver, Ground microphone.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Renewable Energy Generation Using Vertical Axis Wind And Solar Panel for E-vehicle charging station
Country :: India
Authors :: AniketMakode || Aamir Ail Asif Ali || Ajay Ukey || ArshadHasniainMansuri || Syed Salim || PramodGadge
Page No. :: 74-78

The paper presents the idea about DC energy generation using renewable energy resources. The aim is to give basic idea about how the distributed energy generation can be utilized for the generation of electrical energy. Sufficient electrical energy in DC form can beobtained from the vehicles moving on the highways by using vertical axis wind turbine. At normal wind flow as well as during the flow of air due to moving vehicles the VAWT can generate power continuously. The rotor used is the savonious rotor with the upper and the lower parts of the Fins slightly modified to increase the obtained torque. Along with vertical axis wind turbine a solar panel is installed above it to extract the solar energy from the sun. The solar panel provides protection to the VAWT from the external environment. At night the electricity can be supplied to street light and during day as well as night the DC energy can be supplied for E vehicle charging station. Here the generator used is the permanent magnet DC generator and the energy generated can be stored in the battery

Keyword: Vertical axis wind turbine fabrication, solar panel, E-charging station, practical model.

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