International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Analysis of Strip and Block Clamping Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Ankit A. Dahake || Prof. R.Banpurkar
Page No. :: 01-04

Automation is the conversion of a work process, a procedure, or equipment to automatic instead of human operation or control. Automation doesn't transfer human functions to machines, it involves a deep reorganization of the work process, during which both the human and the machine functions are redefined. Early automation relied on mechanical and electromechanical devices; during the last forty years, however, the computer gradually became the leading vehicle of automation. Modern automation is usually associated with computerization..........

Keywords –semi automation, FE Analysis, Design, Clamping.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fabrication and Analysis of Autoclave Sterilization Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Shubham Suresh Satarkar || Avinash R. Mankar
Page No. :: 05-08

An Autoclave or a steam sterilizer is an important vehicle for reducing the microbial contamination of packaged final products, medicinal and food preparations etc. One of the major problems confronting healthcare professionals is the control of pathogenic organisms. This is because microorganisms are present in our environment and may contaminate healthcare instruments from time to time. An autoclave was designed and constructed to sterilize materials/items used in such healthcare institutions, the test will show a decrease in the growth of microorganisms at high temperature with less exposure time.

Keywords: Autoclave, sterilization, pathogenic organism, helth application, infections, wet steam, Temerature.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Development of Three Axis Pneumatic Modern Trailer by using CAD FEA Model
Country :: India
Authors :: Devendra P. Mungmode || Praful Lanjewar
Page No. :: 09-13

This project has mainly concentrated on the difficulties arises while unloading the material from dumper or trailer and hence a suitable arrangement has been designed. Such that the vehicles can be unloaded Material from the trailer in three axes without application of any impact forces. By pressing the Direction control valve activated. The compressed air is goes to the pneumatic cylinder through valve. The ram of the pneumatic cylinder acts as a lifting the trailer trolley. The pneumatic cylinder is coupled to the Air Compressor. This is definitely reduces the use of extra fuels and solve the problem of turning of truck in limited space.

Keywords: Air Compressor, pneumatic Cylinder, Trailer, Material Unloading.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Formulation of Mathematical Model of Lap Joints of Strips of Different Types of Bamboo with Proper Adhesives Subjected To Tensile, Compressive and Shear Load
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs. Shubhangi M.Gondane || Dr.Manisha Joshi || Dr. P.N.Belkhode || Dr.J.P.Modak
Page No. :: 14-18

This paper presents design of experimentation for formulation of mathematical model of lap joints of strips of different types of bamboo with proper adhesives subjected to tensile, compressive and shear load. With the help of dimensional analysis the experimental work is carried out significantly. In this paper, the various steps of design of experimentation like dimensional analysis, identification of variables in mechanical properties of bamboo, reduction of variables and the formation of mathematical models' equations are presented in detail. There are many factors which affects the mechanical properties of the bamboo.............

Keywords: Dimensional Analysis Mathematical model, tensile load, Compressive load, Shear load, Experimentation, Dependent Variable, Independent Variable, Buckingham's pi theorem, Adhesives

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Paper Based of Analysis of the Proposed Project Work on Design of an Equipment For Testing Flat Belt, V-Belt And Rope Drive
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Ritesh Banapurkar || Mr. Khwajabandanawaz
Page No. :: 19-28

This paper investigates the need of an experimental set up which is part of a range design to both demonstrate and experimentally confirm basic engineering principles. It consists of a pulley wheel, two belts, a rope, a driving cable and two weight carriers. This equipment can be tested with Flat belt, V-belt and Rope with constant weight as T1 (kg) and varying weights as T2 (kg) at different wrap angle. The performance evaluation of this proposed equipment design is done by comparing the experimental results with theoretical analysis using similar procedures.

Keywords: Investigate, Demonstrate, Performance evaluation, and comparing results.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Fabrication of Pedal Operated Thresher Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Vivek Padole || Laxminarayan M. Patorkar
Page No. :: 29-35

This Paper Aims at Designing and Fabricating a pedal operated thresher machine for threshing separating and cleaning rice paddies. The Major components of the machine include threshing, separation and cleaning unit .The threshing operation was achieved by rotational motion of a flywheel fitted with beater pegs above a stationary grid which results in the removal of the paddies from the bulk straws After being beaten out, the grains fall into the cleaning unit which consists of a sieve that undergoes a Quick return mechanism. The machine is simple, less bulky and the ergonomic consideration in the design would allow for its comfortable use for it can easily be operated by either male or female. The thresher can help to substantially reduce the human labour involved in threshing at an affordable cost and also reduces the time used for threshing operation on small farms.

Keywords: Thresher, Design, Fabrication, Rice.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Analysis of Metal Surface Treatment Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Pramod Bedarkar || Prof. Ritesh Banpurkar
Page No. :: 36-38

Indian Railways is a third largest network industry in the world. Average passenger train runs with minimum 100 wheel sets. Train wheels in railway are always exposed directly to the different climate conditions. While the train wheels are in motion debris and many unwanted particles get stick on metal surface of train wheels. Many times it is not possible to see small stones, metals or other debris that gets accumulated on metal surface of train wheels. Changing climatic conditions lead to formation of rust and rust scales on the train wheel surface which needs to be cleaned otherwise the wheels material get corrode and leads to decrease the life of wheel...........

Keywords: Metal surface treatment.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Effect of Changes in Different Necessities on the Performance of Vortex Tubes
Country :: India
Authors :: Ravindra Shende || Jagdish Saini || Balaji Patil || Neha Thakre
Page No. :: 39-51

Refrigerating systems has emerged as an important necessity of human life in present century. Today, these systems are used in many applications. Present research work is devoted to the investigations for of an important category of refrigerant systems, vortex tubes. In the research work, combinations of six gases and two materials are made for analyzing pressure differences and thermal gradients for a vortex tube. The flowing gases were Argon, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, and air and the materials were copper and brass. As a result, combination of Helium and Brass emerged out as the best combination for the application.

Keywords: Vortex tube, working fluid, refrigeration.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Fabrication of Tricycle for Handicapped People
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr.A.H.Ingle || Narendra D. Sahu || Shubham V. Dhomane || Rahul S.Vaidhye || Jitendra B. Meshram
Page No. :: 52-55

We known and have seen the wheel chair which is to be normally the handicapped people or the patient use, it needs to push by someone or the force is applied by the person directly on the wheels due to which they fill tired and if the patient want to go to the table then there should have a need of other chair to shift him. Thus to remove these problems of a handicapped person tricycle is design. For the transportation number of hand driven tricycles, wheelchairs, solar operated tricycles, etc. can be seen in the market for handicapped people. The basic Tricycle is design by three-wheel, pedaled by handicapped persons in the side and for sitting arrangement the seat is used in the middle..............

Keywords- Tiller, Link, Crank, Connecting Rod, Direction Rod.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Fabrication of Plastic Shredder Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: S.M..Mowade || Nikhil G. Dafare || Amol S, Pradhan || Guneshwar N. Hajare || Dewanand Deshmukh
Page No. :: 56-60

Plastic have been mostly used in food packaging and water bottling due to low bulk density and inertness property. This paper discuss plastic waste management scheme anddesign and fabrication of plastic shredder machine. In this project we give the working mechanism of plastic bottle cutting machine and mechanism used in machine. Plastic are chipper and lightweight flexible material which can be easily moulded variety of product with wide range. Crushing is a process in which waste is converted into 1 -1.5 CM size. So, our intension behind this project is to reduce the cost of transportation of plastic. This machine is more beneficial in reducing labour work or labour cost.

Key Words: Plastic waste, shredder machine.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Fabrication of Speed Breaker Mechanism for Electric Power Generation
Country :: India
Authors :: Amit Raghatate || Mahesh Bahadure || Mukul Bandbuche || Vinod Suple
Page No. :: 61-63

In today's world, Electricity can be considered as one of the most important need for the human being. As the lifestyle is Changing and modern lifestyle is being adopted around the world the need for electricity is increasing . So, electricity can be called as the basic necessity for a developing country. The objective of this project is to design a setup that leads to generation of electricity, by speed breakers. As the requirement of electricity is increasing day by day, we have to develop an alternative conventional source of energy to tackle the problem of energy crisis and reduce the dependency on power plants to some extent. The up and down movement of a pedal is transformed into the kinetic energy to the flywheel and supported by bearing and hence electrical power can be generated using that rotational energy...........

Keyword: Speed breaker, power generation, electricity

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fabrication of Solar Dryer for Green Drying of Herbs From Easily Available Material
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr.S. M. Mowade || Sudhir R. Thool || Sanket D. Dhawane || Mukesh Narnaware || Mayur Aasre
Page No. :: 64-70

Most of the agricultural product contains high moisture of about 25-80%. This value of moisture content is very much higher than the required for long preservation. Due to this moisture content bacterial& fungal growth is very fast in green herbs. Bacteria & enzymes may spoil the foodstuff & reduces the nutrient content in it. Moisture content of green herbs at a certain level slows down the bacterial, enzymes & yeast effect. Therefore it is necessary to reduce the moisture content in foodstuff for its long preservation. Drying is one of the major food processing operations. The main objective of drying is to remove free water from fruit and vegetables to the extent where micro-organisms do not survive so that dried green herbs can be stored for longer period without rotting and deterioration in the quality of the product. They can be constructed from locally available materials at a relatively low capital cost and there are no fuel costs.

Keywords: Enzymes, yeast effect, Deterioration.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fabrication of Tricycle for Handicapped People
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof.M.P.Sathe || Shubham V. Dhomane || Rahul S. Vaidhye
Page No. :: 71-75

Now a day, there is a problem concerning with mobility of physically handicapped people. Different hand operated tricycle and other vehicles are mostly available for the transportation of disabled people. It is the paper based on development of manually operated tricycle in which single slider drive mechanism is used without using the chain drive mechanism. The design concept is taken to design it from manually pedal operated sewing machine. This tricycle is mostly useful for handicapped people. This modified tricycle is very effective because it makes the role of wheelchair as well as the tricycle in one machine. The power is transmitted and motion is takes place by using the steering bar to the rear wheel with the help of linkage. This tricycle dose not used clutch assembly to operate it. It is very convenient for the handicapped people as well as inexpensive to a poor person as the cost is a major issue for them.

Keywords- handicapped person, crank, connecting rod, direction rod, lever.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review Paper on Plastic Shredder Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: S.M..Mowade || Guneshwar N. Hajare || Amol S, Pradhan || Nikhil G Dafare || Dewanand Deshmukh
Page No. :: 76-79

This paper assign with detailed study of plastic shredder machine. Plastic is most commonly used material in the whole world. But, plastic wastage increasing environmental pollution. For control to environmental pollution, plastic recycling is needs of time. Our project on plastic shredder machine convert large volume of plastics in micro size and this micro size plastic use for tar making and remoulding. This machine is used in recycling plants and industries. Plastic waste management is one of the greatest challenge to all countries. Averagely 5.6 million tonnes of waste plastic produced per year in India i.e. 15,342 tonnes per day. At current time only 5 to 25% of plastic scraps is recycle.

Keywords- Plastic waste, plastic recycling, plastic shredder machine.

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