International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Statistical Analysis of Web Server Logs Using Apache Hive in Hadoop Framework
Country :: India
Authors :: Sunil Bhishe || Aman Gaikwad || Kunal Kshirsagar || Nikhita Vaidya || Priyanka Hatwar || Neha Mogre
Page No. :: 01-04

The growth of websites and the Internet has opened up new research, social, entertainment,
education and business opportunities. With the fast growth of the Internet, the digital data generated by the
websites is becoming so massive that the traditional text software and relational database technology faces a
bottleneck while processing such massive data and the results generated by these technologies are not
satisfactory. Cloud computing offers a good solution for this problem. Cloud computing is not only capable of
storing such massive data but also capable of processing and analyzing such voluminous data faster, by making
use of distributed storage and distributed computing technology..........

Keywords –Big data; hadoop; mapreduce; web server logs; log analysis; hive.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: For Providing Centralized Academics Solutions
Country :: India
Authors :: ravindra Jogekar || abhijeet Kshirsagar || abhilash Telrandhe || chetna Satghare || mayur Kalaskar
Page No. :: 05-07

Now-a-days, with changing in education system and changing methodology, students face many problems finding right material and reference for learning. There is the unavailability of centralized data and hence many problems like increasing irrelevance in data, struggling for study materials, and spending hours collecting question papers off college computers and libraries.However, we did not find whatever we needed in time, and rarely the accurate ones. Because of this, did our team take an initiative to revolutionize how we gather syllabus related materials............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survey Of Security Mechanisms For Atm Based Transactions
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Ms. Krutika Sapkal Assistant Professor || Ms. Ankita Singh Student
Page No. :: 08-12

In the past few years' robbery of ATM card has increased, in the present system pin number is used for ATM transaction security, which can be easily Phished, guessed or misused by many ways, with this person can lose money from his/her account without the person's authorization. The main objective of this work is to propose a system, which is used for ATM security applications. Here authorized Bank officials will register the customer details such as Mobile Number with their Official Bank Database while opening the accounts then customer can access the ATM machine with the help of the QR-Code generated and the OTP Sent on the Registered mobile number. When the customer enters ATM...........

Keywords:ATM, GSM module, QR-code card, OTP, Mobile

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Emergency Management Services
Country :: India
Authors :: Amol Batauwale || Ranjeet Selokar || Shubham Choudhari || Akshay Teltumbade || Professor, Jiwan Dehankar
Page No. :: 13-15

Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) have caught more attention of the society during the past few years. Disaster is one of the most common reasons causing a MCI. It is defined as "a serious disruption of the functioning of a society, causing widespread human, material or environmental losses which exceed the ability of the affected society to scope using only its own resources" by the United Nations Disaster Management Training Program (UNDMTP). Though many prevent preparations can be done to prevent an incident or at least reduce the casualty when one happens, natural disaster is unpredictable. Proposed System mainly focuses on the incident response and rescue process--‐ the period between the occurrence of the incident and the accomplishment of all evacuations. During this period............

Keyward: Android & Java.; MySQL; Android SDK & NetBeans

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Tp+ Managing Tuition Class Data
Country :: India
Authors :: bharat Dhak || snehal S. Ramteke || simran S. Khan || yashkumar R. Jais || prachi P. Paunikar || priya R. Gupta
Page No. :: 16-22

Tuition Plus is an application which is developed to work on a web-platform to manage the complete procedures of classes and there various sections, like finance section, administration section, student section, registration section and many more. Over the years that the process of admission, notice board, important declarations about tuition and administration are carried out manually through pen and paper which is very time consuming and it's difficult to manage the work and reports. Through this software concept we are trying to overcome the problem of maintain paper based record. In addition our main objective is nothing but the Admin of a tuition class who can see all data and reports, and can be able to analyse it through various presentation techniques like graphs and will be able to do more things automatically within less time.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Traffic Control Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Kajal S. Pawar
Page No. :: 23-26

In cities, where the number of vehicles continuously increases faster than the available traffic infrastructure to support them, congestion is a difficult issue to deal with and it becomes even worse in case of car accidents. This problem affects many aspects of the modern society, including economic development, traffic accidents, increase in greenhouse emis￾sions, time spent, and health damages. In this context, modern societies can rely on traffic management system to mini￾mize traffic congestion and its negative effects. Traffic management systems are composed of a set of application and management tools to improve the overall traffic efficiency and safety of the transportation systems. Furthermore, to overcome such issue, traffic management system gathers information from heterogeneous sources, exploits such infor￾mation to identify hazards that may potentially
degrade the traffic efficiency, and then provides services to control them.

Keywords: Introduction, History, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Scope, conclusion


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Transformer Testing And Detection Of Fault
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Priti S. Manware || Mohanish G. Lavhe || Shubham V. Gadpayle || Anjali J. Suryawanshi || Amit S. Taywade || Prekshana P. Patil
Page No. :: 27-29

The fault free operation of transformers is a very important factor for economic and safety considerations. This project emphasis on design of a prototype system capable of monitoring and reporting various parameters of transformer such as oil level , temperature , overloading , short circuit which may severely damage the transformer. Main controller of the system is ARDUINO UNO which controls all the sensors used. Temperature of winding is measured by LM35 temperature sensor and output is given to ARDUINO which is shown on the 16*2 LCD DISPLAY and if the temperature increases beyond preset limit then transformer is disconnected automatically using relays...........

Keywords: introduction, block diagram, methodology, advantages, application, future scope, result/conclusion, acknowledgement, reference.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Vidarbh Farmer Fest
Country :: India
Authors :: Smita Khandar || Jinkal Kansagra || Prof.Manoj Vairalkar || Kiran Thakre || Mayuri Jambhale
Page No. :: 30-33

Farmers are called as backbones of India because when backbone is damaged, we are unable to stand Farmers are compared as backbones because Indian economy mainly based on farmers without farmers Indian Economy will be in critical stage. Indians will proudly say India is famous for agriculture but at the same time, farmers are facing many challenges during the growing of crops in their land and especially after cutting the cereals the main issue is to sell the cereals with good values. Our system provides a solution for selling the cereals by providing a facility that the customer can contact to the farmer directly and can be able to take customer's order. Customer service, a collection of marketing data and online feedback respectively............

Keywords-Auction system.

[5]. Praveen, K.V, "Linking small farmers to market", Scientist, Division of Agricultural Economics.

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Visual Positioning System In 3D Space
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Nitesh Ghodichor || Mr. Ankit Meshram || Mr. Dinesh Gadkari || Mr. Shubham Chunarkar || Mr. Saurabh Kapse || Mr. Rohit Hattimare
Page No. :: 34-38

With the application and development of technologies based on user location information, location-based services are now growing at a rapid pace. In this paper we present VPN application which is used to navigate in large complex areas such as urban region where VPN application is used to navigate, it provides pop up in real time on application screen with the information of nearest cluster of data. It is android based application which does not requires any external hardware other than mobile phones. This application is used for better navigational guidance in urban areas.


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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Voice Based Mail System For Blind Person
Country :: India
Authors :: Rupali Manmode || Rhutuja Dongare || Anita Palade || Pranita Ghatol
Page No. :: 39-43

In Today's World Communication Has Become So Easy Due To Integration Of Communication Technologies With Internet. However The Visually Challenged People Find It Very Difficult To Utilize This Technology Because Of The Fact That Using Them Requires Visual Perception. Even Though Many New Advancements Have Been Implemented To Help Them Use The Computers Efficiently No Naïve User Who Is Visually Challenged Can Use This Technology As Efficiently As A Normal Naïve User Can Do That Is Unlike Normal Users They Require Some Practice For Using The Available Technologies.............

Key Words:Voice Assistant, Low Cost, Speech Recognition, Internet ,Speed Synthesis, Blind, Visually Challenged.

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