International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Image Steganography - Hide Information within Image File -C#
Country :: India
Authors :: Manisha Mendhe || Jubair Idrisi Prof. Ayaz Khan
Page No. :: 01-05

Steganography is the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other information. Many different carrier file formats can be used, but digital images are the most popular because of their frequency on the internet. For hiding secret information in images, there exists a large variety of steganography techniques some are more complex than others and all of them have respective strong and weak points. Different applications may require absolute invisibility of the secret information, while others require a large secret message to be hidden. This project report intends to give an overview of image steganography, its uses and techniques. It also attempts to identify the requirements of a good steganography algorithm and briefly reflects on which steganographic techniques are more suitable for which applications.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation Of K-Nn Classification Over Secure Encrypted Relational Data
Country :: India
Authors :: Aniket Bobade || Rashmi Mishra || Shewta Moon || Anukshka Indurkar || Rashmi Ghuse || Mr. Yuvraj Suresh Suryawanshi
Page No. :: 06-07

Now a day's data mining has been used in many fields such as banking, medicine, scientific research and among government agencies. Classification is one of the commonly used tasks in data mining applications. For the last two decade, due to the rise of various privacy issues, many theoretical and practical solutions to the classification problem have been proposed under different security tasks. However, todays demand of cloud
computing, users now have the big scope to outsource their data, in encrypted form, as well as the data mining tasks to the cloud. Since the data on the cloud is in encrypted form, existing privacy preserving classification methods or techniques are not applicable. In this project, proposed a secure k-NN classifier model over the encrypted data in the cloud. The proposed k-NN protocol protects the confidentiality of the data, user's input query, and data access patterns. The aim of our proposed work is the first to develop a secure k-NN classifier over encrypted data under the standard semi-honest model.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Information Alerting System For Students
Country :: India
Authors :: Pallavi Vaidya || Neha Raut || Mrunali Tiwade || Pranita Gore || Dr. Praveen Ashtankar
Page No. :: 08-11

Student alerting Systems store and track all student information, including grades, attendance records and results. Student alerting Systems has become a more useful for educational institutions as well as parents and students, who use it to gain access to student information, make payments, and communicate with college functionaries. Student alerting Systems are used by teachers, students, and parents to access all relevant information pertaining to a student's schooling. Student alerting Systems is leveraged for a few different functions; the main two being as a channel of communication and as a place to store student information.

Keywords:Student alerting Systems

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Integration Of Complaining Proficiency In The Android Application Of Garbage Bin And Vehicle Tracker
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Akshay M. Dhok || Miss. Heena J. Bhoware || Mr. Shivank P. Sharma || Mr. Rahul R. Ingle || Miss. Farha Mo.H Ansari
Page No. :: 12-17

For clean India, our country first needs to solve its waste disposal problem. From solid urban waste to sewage to chemical or industrial waste – every type of waste is mismanaged and has become a mammoth problem in the face of rapid urbanization. Less than 25 percent of that waste is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills, incinerated or in ditches and roadsides. Improper garbage disposal isn't just an eyesore; it poses a serious threat to nature. The easier solution is to collect and dump the garbage properly. There are many garbage bins available and also there are many garbage collection vehicles, but usually people don't have ideas about them or their locations. Apparently there is no economical system to track the locations of garbage bins and garbage collection vehicles.

Keyward: garbage; tracking; android; GPS; bin; vehicle;complain;mobile.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Introduction On Selecting A Pair From A Group Of Objects Using Data Mining: A Literature Survey
Country :: India
Authors :: Er. Sampada Pongade || Prof. Vanita Tonge
Page No. :: 18-20

The paper is based on research area data mining in computer science. Data mining means knowledge mining from data. From among different approaches in data mining we are going to work on a approach which is "Proximity Measures for Binary Attributes". The paper is about selecting a single pair from all the possible pairs in the data set consisting of objects of same type and having some attributes. Based on those attributes which will be binary in nature the research component i.e. Distance Measure will be calculated and a single pair will be given as output.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Iot Based Smart Parking System
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof.Mrs.Rubana Khan || K Amlakar Sonkusare || Neha Malkar || Sushant Pogale || Manish Borkar || Pranali Taklikar
Page No. :: 21-25

Internet of Things (IOT) plays a vital role in connecting the surrounding environmental things to the network and made easy to access those un-internet things from any remote location. It's inevitable for the people to update with the growing technology. [1] And generally people are facing problems on parking vehicles in parking slots in a city. In this study we design a Smart Parking System (SPS) which enables the user to find the nearest parking area and gives availability of parking slots in that respective parking area. And it mainly focuses on reducing 3the time in finding the parking lots and also it avoids the unnecessary travelling through filled parking lots in a parking area. Thus it reduces the fuel consumption which in turn reduces carbon footprints in an atmosphere

Keywords: Smart Parking, IoT, NodeMCU, Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino IDE, smart city, etc.

[1]. Thanh-Nam Pham, Ming-Fong Tsai, Duc-BinhNguyen, Chyi-Ren Dow and Der-Jiunn Deng *, "ACloud-Based Smart-Parking System Based on Internetof Things Technologies," IEEE Access, Volume 3,2015 -09. (SCI, EI)
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Let's Meet In The Middle: Calculating Geo Mid-Point
Country :: India
Authors :: Vidhya Gangula || Aprajita Chauhan || Vaishnavi Narlawar || Sapna Gaikwad || Mrs. Vishakha Nagrale
Page No. :: 26-35

Nowadays, cell phone has become most important for daily activities and is used by population worldwide. One of the activities includes use of mapping services. These services provide route planning for traveling, directions to a place, and real time traffic conditions. Mapping applications always depend upon the current location or preferred location of the individual. Individual location can easily be calculated but it is not feasible when it comes to find a location considering a group. Considering the above condition, the objective of this paper is to develop an App with a website running on IIS............

Keywords: SQL database, Mid-point algorithm, Orthodromic algorithm, Location based services, GCM, GPS.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Light Fidelity Vehicle To Vehicle Communication
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Amar Banmare || Deepti Shende || Kshitija Chavhan || Eshwarya Rangari || Priyanka Longadge
Page No. :: 36-38

this paper introduces the concept of LIGHT-FIDELITY which is used for data transfer. Li-Fi is an LED based alternative that uses visible light instead of radio frequency spectrum. Simply, Li-Fi is nothing but Wi-Fi using light. In Li-Fi system we analyses its performance with respect to existing technology. With the help of light data can transmit. This is latest technology in which LED can transmit data faster as compare to Wi-Fi technology. Here we developed hardware of Li-Fi technology using microcontroller ATMEGA328 in which data can be transmitted through light and received by using photodiode or photo detector

Keywords-Li-Fi, WI-Fi, LED, ATMEGA328

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Multiple Face Detection Using Image Processing In Python And Open cv
Country :: India
Authors :: Pratik Nimje || Vaishnavi Mahajan || Nilima Zode || Komal Girsawale || Pranali Manapure
Page No. :: 39-42

Face detection and recognition from an image or a video is a popular topic in biometrics research. Face recognition technology has widely attracted attention due to its enormous application value and market potential, such as real-time video surveillance system. It is widely acknowledged that the face recognition has played an important role in surveillance system as it doesn't need the object's co-operation. We design a real-time face recognition system based on IP camera and image set algorithm by way of OpenCV and Python programming development. The system includes three parts: Detection module, training module and recognition module. An application for automatic face detection and tracking on video streams from surveillance cameras in public or commercial places is discussed in this project.

Keywords- Face Recognition, PCA Algorithm, Gray Scale Algorithm, Eigen faces

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Online College Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Navneet Motghare || Shivani Wanjari Snehal Ghorle || Shweta Bhad
Page No. :: 43-46

Online College Management system (OCMS) provides a single interface for maintenance of student's information. It can be used by educational institutes or colleges to maintain the records of students easily. The creation and management accurate, up to date information regarding a student's academic career is critically important in the university as well as colleges. Student information system deals with all \kind of student details, academic related reports, college details, course details, batch details, placement details and other resource related details too. It will also have faculty details, batch execution details, student's details in all aspects, the various academic notifications to the staff and student update by the college administration. It also facilitate us explore all the activities happening in the college, Different reports and Queries can be generated based on vast options related to students, batch............

Key Words: Mobile-friendly, Usability, E-library, User-friendliness, System validation, User authentication

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Online Doctors Appointments System
Country :: India
Authors :: Vaishnavi Chavhan || Himani Shahare || Meena Sahu || Gauri Lanjewar Pratiksha Dhawas
Page No. :: 47-51

It is a real-time web application for doctor's appointment and making fine coordination between patients and doctors. The application has three main sections first section is general information about doctor, contact, information, etc. Second section is Patient login, only the register people can login and make, cancel, reschedule appointment 24hour a day 7 days a week or Modify information like address change, telephone change, etc. Third section is doctor login only authorized staff can login.............


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Online E-Commerce Price Tracking For Multi-Brand Products
Country :: India
Authors :: Swapnil Shivankar || Prof. Gajanan Patle Mohammad Faisal Memon || Nutan Chaudhariroshani Nanhe
Page No. :: 52-60

online shopping is booming in India and E-commerce websites have changed the shopping habits of a common man. Since E-commerce portals are now trending in India and It is growing in every place and customers are showing interest in using these portals effectively. There are so many portals which are unique in their features and the design of website. After analyzing the whole model of E-commerce I found basically same business Models to have evolved over a period of time in this space and each has its own Pros & cons. Rest all business models are same. E-commerce is fast gaining grounds as accepted and used business paradigm; more and more business are implementing web site providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming common place. So we developed a system which will track all price drop deals from most of the retails and will show on a single page to shop directly from our website.

Keywords: Amazon , Flipkart-model, Ecommerce, Cloud Environment, Open Source;

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Online Bus Pass System: A Survey
Country :: India
Authors :: Nikita M. Barshettiwar || Priyanka S. Yenurkar || Sejal R.Shukla || Trupti K. Chillawar || Prof. Vishakha Nagrale
Page No. :: 61-65

The project entitled "Online Bus Pass System" is developed using Active Server Page .NET as Front end and MYSQL Server as Back end. Bus pass registration is useful for passengers who are facing problems with the current manual work of bus pass registration and renewal. His/her renewal or registration can be done through online transaction. In the manual system the user has to go on particular date and time, if they fail then the renewal cannot be done. This online bus pass system application will help candidates save their time and renewal bus pass without standing in a line for hours. Initially user needs to register with the application by submitting their details through online. The administrator will verify the candidate username and password and renewal are performed. The renewal process is carried by paying the money using the online

Keywords: Bas Pass Generation, Renewal, Online transaction.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Preserving Leakage of Private Photos on Online Social Networks (Osns)
Country :: India
Authors :: Aboli Nipunge || Laxmi Sharma || Swapnaja Bambole || Shital Botre || Saurabh Indurkar || Roshani Talmale
Page No. :: 66-71

Pictures posting is that the reason why today's social networking sites area unit extremely popular. But, it causes the users privacy to be leaked out. options like posting, tagging and commenting will increase this issue. during this paper, we have a tendency to try to deal with this issue and finding out the situation once a user shares a photograph containing people apartfrom himself/herself (termed as cophoto ). Here we have a tendency to area unit proposing a mechanism wherever the cluster image additionally called cop hoto are often announce or labelledsolely through there permission that helps users to take care of the privacy within the Social Networking sites. To agitate this we have a tendency to needed Associate in Nursing economical biometric identification (FR) system which will acknowledge every individual within.........

Keywords-: Online Social Network, Leakage, Co-photo, Privacy

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Priyadarshini College Of Engineering, Nagpur Online Staff/Student Web Crawler
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Ms. Manali R. Raut || Trupti P. Lokhande || Karishma D. Godbole || Shruti J. More || Sunena S. Hatmode || Nikita D. Tibude
Page No. :: 72-78

PCE Staff/Student Portal provides a simple interface for maintenance of student–faculty information. It can be used by scholastic institutes or colleges to maintain the lettering of students readily. The creation and management of righty, update tidings regarding a student's academic career is critically vital in the university as well as colleges. Student vital system deals with all kind of student details, alumni student data, college details, course details, batch details, placement details and workshop attened other resource related details too. All these will be achievable through a safe, online alliance embedded............

Keywords- Database, HTML, PCE Staff/Student Portal College Portal, SQL.

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