International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Employees Provident Fund Management
Country :: India
Authors :: Pooja Aher || manish Kirnapure || shubhanginemade || tejaswita Shriwasatava || Lulkaran Chohale
Page No. :: 01-05

Every association has need to pay compensation to their representatives , this work is done each month. Every single association needs to keep up the record month to month for sometime later. Presently multi day as we probably am aware the nations goes moved toward becoming digit so this work is additionally performed carefully. This venture EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND MANAGEMENT includes everything with respect to representative installment and identified with compensation charge. This likewise incorporates conveying of charges to the administration and furthermore monitor worker installments. This instrument will encourage to the businesses to pre-Validate the ECR and furthermore do changes in the ECR record before transferring on Unified Portal.............

[1]. "Automated Payroll System (A-PAY)", by Arjun V. Singh , Siddesh V. Chaphekar ,Yogesh S. Sawant, Volume 03, Issue 02, February – 2016] , ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161.
[2]. "Computer Based Payroll System Implementation For E-Governance at Punjab Agricultural University", by Poonamdeep Kaur, Dr. Dinesh Grover, e-ISSN: 2278-067X, p-ISSN : 2278-800X, Volume 5, Issue 3 (December 2012), PP. 55-60.
[3]. Taking EPF Parameter from
[4]. ECR TEMPLATE 2.0 and ARREARS TEMPLATE 2.0 available onhttps:// file/d/0BwN9ZAwr4enz VVNUbU43S1ljcVk/view

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Event Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Malti Kove || Lokesh Rahangdale
Page No. :: 06-07

Online event management system is an online event management system software project that serves the functionality of an event manager. The system allow registered user login and new user are allowed to register on the application. The system helps in the management of events, users and the aspects related to them. This proposed to be a web application. The project provides most of the basic functionality required for an event type e.g. [Marriage, Dance Show Birthday party, College Festival, etc.], the system then allows the user to select date andtime of event, place and the event equipment. All the data is logged in the database and the user is given a receipt number for his booking. The data is then send to administrator (website owner) and they may interact with the client as per his requirement

Keywords: User, Admin, Events, Book, Event Management, Database.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: File Tracking System
Country :: India
Authors :: Ruchita Mute || Apeksha Ambade || Payal Dhande || Vaidehi Mule
Page No. :: 08-11

To locate the file in a sudden moment is one of the most tedious works today in almost all the organizations. This tedious work itself requires separate manpower in almost all the department of an organization. Problem becomes greatest when the organization has a large number of departments, and the files are moving from one department to another. In some organizations, file moves in or out of the organization as well. Time is wasted in searching the files. Sometimes even after wasting the energy file is not getting within the time limit. Problem becomes worse when the reports of the movement of the files are required. Like the number of files moving within specific time duration, file allocated to any employee and whether the file has been forwarded or not. Seeing all these problems,...........

Keywords:files, tracking, document, letter, department, report, officer, head, reception.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Food Industry Data Anlaysis Using R-Analytics
Country :: India
Authors :: Pallavi R. Raut || Rasika P. Kurade || Shubham A. Peshane || Niraj O. Chafle || Rajesh Babu
Page No. :: 12-16

This project intends to tap the power of classification techniques to predict the success of restaurant. Decision Tree is one of the classification technique which is used for this particular use case. But the logic used here is applicable to many existing small businesses and people intending to start a business. There are many ingredients in a food item served at a restaurant but the item is best when the right ingredients are used in right proportion and cooked to right temperature. A good chef is essential to a good restaurant but many successful chefs have failed to make a successful restaurant.............

Keyward: Internet of Things, Rstudio, Xampp, Windows 10, Datasets , Intel Processor i5.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Food Nutrition Skill Using Alexa
Country :: India
Authors :: Sonal M. Nandurkar || Pravini S. Deotale || Vrushali T. Pimpalshende || Arti M. Deshmukh || Asma M. Khan || Prof. Anand D.G. Donald
Page No. :: 17-26

One of the world greatest challenges is to insure sufficient and healthy food for all, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. This review explores the interrelationships of food ,health and environment and their role in addressing chronic micronutrient deficiencies, also known as 'hidden hunger',affecting over two billion people worldwide. While the complexity and underlying determinants of under nutrition have been well-understood for decades, the scaling of food and nutrition system approaches that combine sustainable agriculture aimed at improved diet diversity and livelihoods have been limited in their development and implementation..............

Keywords: voice service APIs; Amazon Alexa; Internet of Things (IoT); Cloud Service; Amazon Web Service(AWS). Health;

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[2]. For javaScript:
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Formulation a Framework for Discovery of Knowledge Patterns in Diabetic Retinal Images Through Data Mining Techniques
Country :: India
Authors :: Ankita Makode || Apeksha Meshram || Prof. Kalpna Malpe || Mayuri Gaikwad || Tejaswini Chavhan
Page No. :: 27-32

The exploration of the existing research in automated retinal image analysis towards extraction of Describing, Structural and Disease patterns aiding Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) detection reveals several challenges which are stated as the need (i) to extract features that are very expressive (ii) to formulate a representative feature vector which helps in elevating the performance of data mining algorithms (iii) to devise data mining algorithms that could achieve improved accuracy as medical experts seek higher accuracy for automated medical systems and (iv) to develop hybrid methodologies that evolve efficient rules to handle complex scenarios. The stated barriers indicate the need for efficient image processing and data mining algorithms to mine significant patterns from retinal fundus images to detect Diabetic Retinopathy. This chapter presents definition of the problem undertaken and objectives.............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System Based on IoT
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Mayuri Yende || Ms. Aishwarya S. Zade || Ms. Rutuja Ubhate || Ms. Diksha Deotare
Page No. :: 33-35

A Greenhouse is a composition of different materials mainly consisting of transparent glass, cloth and shade through which air, sunlight and essentials required by plants to grow can be passed easily. Greenhouses are small areas where plants are planted and taken care in a controlled environment and monitored based on some factors so that there growth is faster and yields more. There are many methods used to keep track of growth of plants such as traditional, partially automated, etc. traditional is time consuming and requires human labour for keeping records of each plant. Similar goes with partially automated less time is required but human labour is same to keep watch on plants............

Keywords: Internet Of Things(IoT), Wi-Fi module, Micro Controller, Sensors.

[1]. Rupali Satpute, Hemant Gaikwad, Shoaib Khan, Aaditya Inamdar, Deep Dave," IOT Based Greenhouse Monitoring System ", International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET),Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Guidance Portal App: A Survey
Country :: India
Authors :: Rohit Bhasarkar || Ruchika Patil || Ashwini Welpulwar || Prof. Vanita Tonge
Page No. :: 36-41

Now a day's carrier is most important issue faced by every student. Everyone wants to become successful person in his/her life, but they don't know that what we want to do and how corresponding course will help to achieve our goal. So, to deal such kind of problems we are introduced our android application "Guidance Portal App". This application has many features that are very much helpful for student to build their carrier opportunities. The web application has become more and more reliant upon large amount of database and unorganized data such as videos, images, audio, text, files and other arbitrary types. It is difficult for Relational Database Management System (RDBMS............

Keywords: Firebase, Android, RDBMS

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Handwritten Digit Recognition through Supervised Machine Learning
Country :: India
Authors :: Miss.Nitika Naitam || Miss.Bhagyashree Bawane || Miss. Mrunali Telang || Miss.Priyanka Kulsange || Miss.Shweta Telang || Prof.Miss.Rupatai Lichode
Page No. :: 42-49

Handwritten digit recognition system involves reception and interpretation of handwritten digit by supervised machine learning. Due to different in shape and orientation of handwritten digit. The applications of digit recognition includes in postal mail sorting, bank check processing, form data entry, etc. The heart of the problem lies within the ability to develop an efficient algorithm that can recognize hand written digits and which is submitted by users by the way of a scanner, tablet, and other digital devices. This paper presents an approach to off-line handwritten digit recognition based on different machine learning technique.............

Keywords- Handwritten Digit recognition, machine learning, image recognition, MNIST, Machine learning Algorithm, Neural Network, Off-line handwritten recognition.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Heart Attack Early Prediction Using IOT
Country :: India
Authors :: Shweta Gajbhiye || Bharati Vyas || Anshika Janbandhu || Shrushti Shrikhande || Komal Nagpure || Mrunali Agashe
Page No. :: 50-54


Key Words:Heart attack, IoT (Internet of things), Heart Disease prediction, Oximeter, Heart rate sensor, AndroidApp

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Heart Disease Predication using Predicative Data Mining
Country :: India
Authors :: Ekta Dhote || Pallavi Moon || Minal Kelwadkar || Alkatai Nakade || Vidhya bodhe
Page No. :: 55-59

The successful application of data mining in highly visible fields for ex. e-business, marketing, applications in other industries and sectors. Among these sectors just discovering is healthcare. "The healthcare environment is information rich, but knowledge is poor". There is a wealth of some data are available within the healthcare systems. However, there is a lack of the effective analysis tools to discover the hidden relationships and trends in various data. The Number of experiment has been conducted to the compare of performance in predictive data mining technique on the same dataset. The outcome of reveals that the Decision Tree outperforms and sometime the Bayesian classification is having similar accuracy.............

Keyword: Bayesian classifier, KNN algorithm,neural network, data mining, decision tree,

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Holographic Virtual Personal Assistant
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Shubham G Kalsait || Mr. Akshay M Bhalkar || Miss Pranjali P Ninave || Miss Rani B Jaiswal || Mr. Chetan D Harne
Page No. :: 60-64

In our project we are trying to give the artificial intelligence more control on the hardware. We all are aware about the virtual personal assistant which can talk back if we talk to it. And does some task which we give in the form of commands. Talking to virtual assistant from your computer screen or phone is nice and all, but what if you could speak to that assistant as hologram. Thus, we included the Holographic technology with virtual assistant so that user can actually see his virtual personal assistant. Including of holographic makes the assistant closer to the human. As user can see the assistant, it is more comfortable to talk with it. In this work, we are using a speaker, mic, personal computer, extended display and holographic projection setup. There are two main parts of this project: Software which produce desired output and Hardware which illuminate the output in 3D holographic form.

Keywords: Speech Recognition, Holographic Projection, Text Analysis.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Image Recognition Using Neural Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: Anuj Guha || Pratiksha Moon || Prof. RoshniBhave || KirtiSonkusle || Shubam Gupta
Page No. :: 65-69

Neural networks provide state-of-the-art results for most machine learning tasks. Unfortunately, neural networks are vulnerable to adversarial examples: given an input x and any target classification t, it is possible to find a new input x' that is similar to x but classified as t. This makes it difficult to apply neural networks in security-critical areas. Defensive distillation is a recently proposed approach that can take an arbitrary neural network, and increase its robustness, reducing the success rate of current attacks ability to find adversarial examples.In this project, we demonstrate that defensive distillation does not significantly increase the robustness of neural networks by introducing three new attack algorithms that are successful on both distilled and undistilled neural networks with 100%..........

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