International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Automatic Water Distribution System over Iot
Country :: India
Authors :: ShubhamNipane || JoydeepChatterjee || ChandrashekharZilpe || NitinDurge || KaushikKhobragade || Mr. AmitKumar
Page No. :: 01-06

In this paper presented we have described automation of water distribution system for a city over internet of things via embedded device that will be responsible for the communication of the water meter with the server that will channel the water supply.This mode will enable the water supply agencies to channel the flow of water and charge each customer according to their water usage This system is designed with low cost and expanded to control vaiety of devices.

Keywords –IOT- internet of things, MS SQLServer Database,MS Visual Studio, (ASP.NET)Arduino IDE, Android Studio.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Bus Tracking and Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Akshay Bhonde || Vashim Sheikh || Rohit Mankar || Neha Turkar
Page No. :: 07-09

Bus tracking is an application that tracks a bus and gathers the distance to each station along its route. Tracking System involves the installation of an electronic device in a bus, with an web based Application on any SMART phone to enable the Administrator/User to track the bus location. Based on IoT this project is implemented as android application. There are two applications one for server and the other for the client. Buses carry GPS devices to track their positions. By this positions to server are periodically updated. Client application displays map showing the position of bus. It shows where buses are on a map and provide students and staffs the updated information at different time interval using RTC. The server will monitor location and will store its data in the database........

Keywords: GPS device,Low cost,Internet.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Campus Recruitment Management System Software
Country :: India
Authors :: Madhu Kumari Seema Kuhikar
Page No. :: 10-12

Generally, now a day's every college is conducting a placement drives to provide maximum employment for the students so conducting placement drives is not only necessary we need to make the reach of that drives to students. So this Campus Recruitment System application provides the solution. In this application the admin will the add the Coordinators, Co-coordinators are the persons who bring the placements to the college so when the coordinator gets logged into the application he can add the next coming drive details by giving Company Name, Departments to attend and the informatory videos and images. After adding the coordinator admin can upload the materials for students............

Keywords:C#; Ms access

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Cda Generation and Integration Based On Cloud Computing
Country :: India
Authors :: Niyati Kulbhaje || Radhika Ambalkar || Achal Mendhe || Triveni Kore || Namita Hedaoo || Mr. Mahesh Panjwani
Page No. :: 13-17

Organization for electronic Health record helps us to enhance persistent security and nature of care, yet it has interoperability as an earlier condition between Health data exchange at various healing facilities. To guarantee interoperability between the wellbeing data exchanges at various clinics the CDA built up a center document by utilizing HL7, where as the center report engendering is basic for interoperability. A portion of the healing facilities are hesitant to embrace the interoperability due its sending cost. The healing centers began utilizing CDA arrange as alternate records are difficult to
oversee. Considering the above issue we will portray the CDA document era and Integration Open API benefit in view of distributed computing. This helps the healing facilities to empower advantageously and create CDA record without having any issues in regards to programming.

Keyward: Clinical Document Architecture, Health information Exchange, HL7, Saas.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: College Department Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Damini Mahalle || Himanshi Turkar
Page No. :: 18-20

College Department Management System is essential for an institution or to a college or to a university, which utilizes computer, also which reduces manpower. Main objective of this study is an important step towards streamlining this effort is to develop a framework and identify necessary properties that a secure and trusted online department working system must satisfy to reduce discovery redundancy. Such a framework will allow us to evaluate as well as compare the merits of existing and future candidate in department. System should support multi-user environment. System should be fully automated. System should provide concrete security features like creating users and assigning privileges to users of the system. System should be capable to keep track of all the detailed descriptions of the client and the whole details of services offered by the client.

Keywords: c#, ms access

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Content Based Spam Filtering By Using Svm(Support Vector Machine)
Country :: India
Authors :: Harshada Sonone || Neha Khedkar || Neha Patle || Prutha Khadse || Anjali Bhagat
Page No. :: 21-24

The traditional anti-spam techniques like black and white list is not up to the mark in current scenario. The goal of spam classification is to distinguish between spam and legitimate mail message. But with the popularization of the Internet, it is the challenging to develop spam filters that can effectively eliminate the increasing volume of unwanted mails automatically before they enter a users 's mailbox .Many researchers have been trying to separate spam from legitimate emails using machine learning algorithms based on statistical learning methods. In this paper we evaluate the performance of non linear SVM based classifiers this algorithm classify the spam or not spam based on content of email . The experimental result show that this algorithms could improve the spam filtering accuracy rate effectively

Keywords: spam,support vector machine,machine learning ;

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions
Country :: India
Authors :: Neha Kuril || Poonam Dongre || Prajakta Panekar || Yamini Dubey || Pooja Telgote
Page No. :: 25-29

The Online social networks (OSNs) gradually integrate financial capabilities by enabling the usage of real and virtual currency. They serve as new platforms to host a variety of business activities, such as online promotion events, where users can possibly get virtual currency as rewards by participating in such events. Both OSNs and business partners are significantly concerned when attackers instrument a set of accounts to collect virtual currency from these events, which make these events ineffective and result in significantfinancial loss. It becomes of great importance to proactively detecting these malicious accounts before the online promotion activities and subsequently decreases their priority to...........

Keywords: malicious accounts, online social network, existing methods, advanced technology, blocking accounts

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Digital Data Clustering
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Ashish Mohod || Guddi Ramtekkar || Nidhi Girde || Manish Yadav || Pranay Shinde
Page No. :: 30-32

Today, we use all new technologies and technical methods in digital world to create huge digital documents so, the examination of such huge set of document is difficult and more important task. Document clustering is automatic organization of documents into clusters so that documents within a cluster have high similarity in comparison to documents in other clusters. Itis a widely studied problem in Text Categorization. It is the process of partitioning or grouping a given set of documents into disjoint clusters where documents in the same cluster are similar.The study of similarity measure for document clustering is not based on keywords generally domain based clustering is done. Our main objective is to improve the accessibility and usability of text mining for various applications. So, to do test............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Digital Table Booking and Pre-Food Ordering System Using Android Application
Country :: India
Authors :: Rupendra Girare || Ashwini Hande || Pralay Rahangdale || Rahul Nipane || Reshma Zade || Prof. Anup Gade || Rupendra Girare || Ashwini Hande || Pralay Rahangdale || Rahul Nipane || Reshma Zade
Page No. :: 33-35

With increase in the use of mobile phones, there is also increase in the desire of people to access mobile internet to get various services from anywhere and everywhere. With there is an increase in restaurants and restaurant-goers which continuously demands better food services and hospitality. This research work aims to design and implement a remote food ordering system through which one can book table and place order for the same table from remote location. The proposed system also provides additional optional features for customer to order food from their home through the application to save their valuable time. The sole objective of the proposed system is to eliminate the wait time and fulfil better service and hospitality demand of the customer/user. It will not only help the customer but also help the restaurant to manage and serves customer easily. This system increases quality and speed of services. We have choose Android platform because it is most widely used today.

Keywords- Restaurants,Food,Android application,Book table

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: DVenue: A Web Application For An Online Venue Booking
Country :: India
Authors :: shruti N. Ghule || harish M. Mohurle || akshay P. Shegoankar || zeba Parvin Abdual Saleem || Pradhnya S. Borkar
Page No. :: 36-42

This E-commerce (E commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices or from the websites. E-commerce provides lot of services like Hotel Booking, Only Shopping, ticketing booking, Online banking, Online auctions and so on. This represents an incredible opportunity to enable E-Commerce, as a universal platform for online commerce applications. For such applications, we normally want to choose the best venues, hotel in prime locations, with modern facilities, clean environment and affordable rates.............

Key Words: E-Commerce,VenueBooking.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: E-Commerce Security
Country :: India
Authors :: NileshKote || Pratik Deshpande
Page No. :: 43-46

E-commerce (electronic commerce) or EC is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. When a buyer pays with a bank card swiped through a magnetic-stripe-reader, he or she is participating in e-commerce. E-commerce Security is a part of the Information Security framework and is specifically applied to the components that affect ecommerce including of Data security and other wider realms of the Information Security framework. Ecommerce security is the protection of e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Dimensions of e-commerce security.............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: E-Complaint Registration for Municipal Corporation
Country :: India
Authors :: Vaishnavi Mahatme || Akruti Agrawal || Nalini Deshmukh || Prajakta Dhande || Yogita Awachat || Prof. J. Yadav
Page No. :: 47-52

Reporting street or any civic problems has no longer been an easy process for the citizens. They have to undergo a long procedure and formalities to report such problems like street damages, street cleaning, potholes, garbage bin overflowing, light post damages etc. or in short everything that comes under the surveillance of municipality .There is still no guarantee that the reported grievances would be addressed by the concerned authority. That is why most of the time complaints go unheard, unanswered and unresolved usually because the company is too large to worry about one little complaint from a single person. To facilitate this complaining procedure, we are going to implement an mobile............

Keywords: Android, APIs, Camera, City`s infrastructure monitoring, Civic complaints, GPS, Smart city project

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