International Conference on Innovation & Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICIREST-19)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Arduino Based Faculty Locator Using Rfid
Country :: India
Authors :: Pawan Gorde || Akshay Chincholkar || Pratiksha Chaudhari || Nidhi Patil
Page No. :: 01-05

In global perspective, it is a difficult job to contact human beings in big institutions in spite of the prohibition in mobile network. Presently, global system positioning and Zigbee are employed in locating and tracking. But these are expensive. Previous analysis and development for indoor localization includes infrared, wireless LAN etc., But these suffers from limited accuracy. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in RFID technology. It is often leveraged to locate staff in a reasonable, power efficient and user friendly manner. Indoor location tracking system allows you to track the location with the facility of RFID tags and RFID readers............

Index Terms: Global positioning system, zigbee, tracking, LAN, RFID, Arduino.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Cellular Automata Based Watermark Copyright Protection Scheme Based On Dct
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof.Dr.S.A.Khan || Pranali Amle || Vaishnavi Dodke || Sana Khan || Zarmeen Ansari
Page No. :: 06-10

Recently, protecting the copyright of digital media has become an imperative issue due to the growing illegal reproduction and modification of digital media. A large number of digital watermarking algorithms have been proposed to protect the integrity and copyright of images. Traditional watermarking schemes protect image copyright by embedding a watermark in the spatial or frequency domain of an image. A blind, low complex, fast, and highly resistant to attacks JPEG watermarking algorithm is proposed. The idea of Moore CA and Cellular Automata Transform (CAT) are introduced into the algorithm. Unlike other JPEG watermarking, a binary image watermark is scrambled by Moore CA firstly..........

Keywords: JPEG; Watermark; Cellular Automata; Scramble; Cellular Automata Transform

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Orange Sorting Processor
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Swati Mohod || Ms. Kirti Bhute || Ms. Rajeshwari Ingole || Ms. Rohini Chaudhari || Mr. Tushar Thombre
Page No. :: 11-14

The sorting of oranges in small scale industries includes in whole sale market or farm at home. This research work aims to make an ideal project for small scale orange suppliers to grade the oranges and thus to sort the rotten oranges from fresh one. This research paper proposes the orange sorting on the basis of colour detection of the oranges and then rotten patch detection on the oranges. Further the full grading and sorting is done by applying two steps which includes sorting of oranges on the basis of sizes and rotten spots detection. Vidarbha region of Maharashtra in India is the big production area of oranges mainly the Mandarin oranges [6]. Now days sellers are using manual sorting process for small scale production............

Keywords: Orange sorting, colour image processing, Raspberry Pi module, MATLAB.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Automated Instrumentation Panel for Distributive Control System
Country :: India
Authors :: Prabhakar Dorge || Madhuri Mole || Shrutika Amdare || Akshata Vaidya || Rakhi Bhagwate
Page No. :: 15-19

Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance. Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipments such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human interventions. Automation covers applications ranging from a household thermostat controlling a boiler, to a large industrial control systems with tens of thousands of input measurements and output control systems. In the simplest type of an automatic control loop, a controller compares a measured value of a process with a desired set value, and process the resulting error signal to change some input to the process, in such a way that the process stays at its set point despite the disturbances. Automation has been achieved by various means including mechanical, electrical, electronic devices and computers usually in combination.............

Keywords—Microcontroller, Human Machine Interface (HMI), LM35 (Temperature sensor), HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic sensor), DHT-11(Humidity sensor)

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Car Parking System by Using Iot
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sandhya R. Turkar || Ms. Arati D. Bomble || Ms. Vaishali R.Mahadule || Ms. Priyal J. Chalak || Ms . Dipawli D. Lengure || Ms. Priyanka Dharmare || Ms. Snehal Paliwal
Page No. :: 20-25

In recent times the concept of smart citieshave gained grate popularity. Thanks to the evolution ofInternet of things the idea of smart city now seems to beachievable.Consistent efforts are being made in the fieldof IoT in order to maximize the productivity and reliabilityof urban infrastructure. Problems such as, traffic congestion, limited car parking facilities and road safetyare being addressed by IoT. In this paper, we present an IoT based cloud integrated smart parking system The proposed Smart Parking system consists of an on-site deployment of an IoT module that is used to monitor and signalize the state of availability of each single parking space.............

Keywords: ESP8266 NodeMCU,IR Sensor,DHT11 Temp& Humidity Sensor,OLED Display,LED Panel

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Object Based Classification Using Image Processing Techniques
Country :: India
Authors :: Isha Barde || Neha Suryawanshi || Sanjana Samarth || Tanushree Bhure || Nita Nimbarte Rehpade || Sanjay Balamwar
Page No. :: 26-34

Remotely sensed image is the one of the most essential tool to access the features of Earth's surface .One can study many activities such as developments of suburban areas or the vegetation cover in the selected area from the satellite images. The use of satellite imagery technology has been applied in many application fields to monitor land-use and land-cover. Moreover satellite imaging is capable of estimating agricultural cover in a region. Separation of characteristics of an image leads to complexity because of the trouble to find appropriate technique for image segmentation. This paper proposes techniques to classify objects in the remotely sensed image by using various image processing methods..............

Keywords:Image sensing, Preprocessing Methods, Enhancement, Histogram, Adaptive Histogram, Histogram Equalization, Gray-scale Image, Segmentation, RGB Channel, Color Segmentation, Kmeans,Object Classification, Area Coverage.

[1]. Warinthorn Kiadtikornthaweeyot , Adrian R.L. Tatnall , "Region Of Interest Detection Based On Histogram Segmentation For Satellite Image '' ,The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLI-B7, 2016 XXIII ISPRS Congress, 12–19 July 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on Proposed Module of LED Display (Globe) With GPS System
Country :: India
Authors :: Miss. Shamal G. Shejul || Mr.Gopal Jadhao
Page No. :: 35-37

In this paper different types of Light Emitting Diode(LED) Display globe overview is present. The enhance LED plugs and existing required Hardware related information is present. Global Position System(GPS) based LED Globe is a display module to playing the messages and the location. This paper is proposed to an idea of developing a single globe where the location continuously running. It has dual system in terms of changing the power supply having Alternative current which having ability to work in any condition and a solar system. This paper is overview of the literature and it does not contain implementation result.

Keywords: Dual power supply, LED (Globe) display, Global Positioning System(GPS), Solar system.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Intelligent and Robust Multimode System Using I-Button
Country :: India
Authors :: Sneha Talewar || Nikita Raut || Deeksha Shende || Ruchi Tagde || Nilima Kaikade
Page No. :: 38-39

This project presents the design of multi-access system using arduino and I button. The system performs applications like identification and verification of digital door lock, data security and electronic money transaction, displaced registration details and also gives access to the system. This system becomes very secure and reliable solution to many problems and has hardware simplicity which is specific to one wire technology. The key part of the whole system is ibutton. The ibutton is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. Various components used in this system are 1-wire network, ibutton, digital lock, relay, EEPROM memories.

[1]. S.O. Popescu*, A.S.Gontean* and G.Budura**, "BPSK System on Spartan 3E FPGA", in 10th IEEE Jubilee International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics January 26-28, 2012 • Herl‟any, Slovakia.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Trolley System Based On Android
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sneha S. Udan || Ms. Sakshi R. Amrutkar || Ms. Triveni R. Meshram || Ms. Pranali R. Khode || Mr . Akshay B. Nichantem || Mr. Amit R. Jaunjal || Ms. Sana Sheikh
Page No. :: 40-43

With the development of wireless technology there are various field within we can use this technology and use of wireless technology is favorable now a day in this project we present our views on an automated shopping trolley using android devices. In this project weare developing an application which is based on android.In this proposed system the customers have to scan barcode of everyproduct with android mobile which they wish to purchase and drop into the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout at thebilling counter. The billing process is quite tiresome and highly time consuming. We have proposed a "Smart Trolley SystemBased on Android" which aims to reduce and possibly eliminate the total waiting time of customers i.e. other system takes 10minutes while our proposed system takes 5 minutes, lower the total manpower requirement from billing counter and increaseefficiency overall.

Keywords- Mobile Barcode, Smartphone

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Rfid Based Attendance System through Web-Page with Sms Notification
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. .Amit Kale || Sonal Pote || Pooja Bhujade || Pranita Parate || Prajakta Somkuwar || Pooja Gawali || Pragati M. Dhakate
Page No. :: 44-48

A data from the National Crime Records Bureau reports that a child goes missing for every eight minutes in India. . To lessen the parent's anxiety about their children, tracking system is formulated by merging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).The system consists of RFID tags and readers which are designed to scrutinize the entry and exit of a student in a campus. Each student is assigned with a tag which holds the precise details. When he/she enters the campus, the reader reads the student's tag and stores the details of entry and exit. This information is notified to the concerned authority via SMS using GSM. The GPS technology connected with this system helps to updates on student's real time location. The detail of current location is updated in the campus server. This project tracking structure with enriched features is designed and implemented for the purpose of protection and also safety in various streams. It is up and coming technology in the field of communication and also with the networking concept.

Key Words:RFID technology, Radio-frequency identification, Radio waves.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Blackbox- Modified-Women and Senior Citizen's Safety Device
Country :: India
Authors :: akash R. Kshirsagar || sonali Bobade || vikas R. Kshirsagar
Page No. :: 49-51

Proposed work is a modification to Blackbox which was intended as a women and senior citizen's safety device. The presented work is a novel approach to make a safety device which removes all the disadvantages of existing systems and become a standard for safety devices. In today's modern world security and safety of an individual is of utmost importance. This project does not restricts its use to the above stated applications but can also be used for children and men's safety as well. Black box consists offour sections, self defense mechanism (shock circuit / stun gun circuit), transmitter and receiver section (RFID tag)GSM modem, Microcontroller 89S52) , audio recording tool and a video recording circuit..........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Solar Energy Based Multi-Purpose Robotic Vehicle
Country :: India
Authors :: Akhil R. Thakre || Ashish Pilli || Sweata Biswas || Trupti Wahale || Harshika Raulker || Nagma Sheikh
Page No. :: 52-56

"We can control the Robot using Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) technology. DTMF technology is most useful technique at present days. It is worked on to methods digital signal processing (DSP). Wireless-control of robots uses RF circuit that has the drawbacks of limited working range and limited control. This DTMF is gives advantage over the RF, it increases the range of working and also gives good results in case of motion and direction of robot using mobile phone through micro controller. This type of wireless communication gives the remote handling operation of Robot using DTMF."

Keywords: Arduino UNO, RF Id Reade & Tag, Solar Panel, Charging Controller, Battery, DTMF decoder IC, Motor driver IC.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Restaurant E-Menu System
Country :: India
Authors :: Miss. Pooja Pal || Mr. Utkarsh Sadawarti || Mr. Yogesh Surjuse || Mr. Suraj Shende || Miss Shivani Shrirao || Mr Tumdev Dakhole || Prof. Mohammad Naushad
Page No. :: 57-61

Automation is the technology concerned with application of mechanical, electronics & computer based systems to operate & control production. Due to advancement in technology we have seen atomization of many things. We have seen an atomized vending machine which will serve a hot or soft drinks, chocolates &many things. There is automation of tickets on railway station. So into day's world due increased demand and competition we need to serve the people as user friendly as fast as possible. In restaurants menu cards are available on each table. We can refer it & place our order to waiter. But we never noticed disadvantages of this conventional method. You need to wait for the waiter to attend to you...........

Keywords- Smartphone; automated; Wi-Fi; E-menu; android application; intelligent; ordering

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